Thursday, February 07, 2008

Looking around my own backyard

This is a picture of silver falls, its not far from where we live. I sometimes forget just how beautiful Oregon is, but this place always reminds me to pay more attention to whats right here in front of us. Lance and I took Avery here a couple of months ago, he seemed to enjoy himself, he went pee in the creek, what more could a dog ask for. Oh, as of last week, Avery is no longer a puppy. He lifed his leg to pee, his aim isn't to good yet though, ha ha ha. Back to silver falls state park, it was the first place Lance and I ever went together, it was right after new years, so the year was 1979, we drove there in his fancy car a 1970 mach1 mustang, got stuck in the snow along with a dozen or more other people. We had a great time meeting people and pushing each others cars out, oh to be young again! It was a time we still enjoy remembering and laughing about. Those little things, the ones you dont pay much attention to at the time, really add up over the years. Today I am thankful for great past memories and look forward to making many new ones. I am thankful to have three sleeping dogs and all the laundry done..!


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Posts like these are the rason I have awarded you the "MWAH" button. This makes my day! Come over to my blog to collect your MWAH button. And thanks for such a great blog!

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