Sunday, May 11, 2014

Avery has a very good nose!

Today as we walked on the trail near our house Avery was stuck to me and looked worried, he did this a few months ago too, and we did run into a unfriendly man about a mile up the trail. I listened to him today and watched him, sure enough,  a women came walking by us about 20 minutes into our walk, then Avery was happy and ran wild. I would trust this dog with my life, but not much chicken sandwich..:-)
This is Avery as a puppy with his gator, he loved that toy. He still plays like a puppy!
I woke with a swollen left lymph node Thursday before last, the doctor is treating it as a saliva gland infection, but the antibiotics don't seem to be working, I have two more days and then will have to get a biopsy on it. Its always something now, something I haven't ever heard of  in my life. Living with autoimmune disease is a real pain, they say you can go into remission, I am still waiting for that day.
I joked with Lance that Alcatraz once got me a pair of diamond earrings for Mothers day, but Nixie and Avery never get me anything, well today they got me a really pretty dog paw charm for my bracelet. I think Traz had something to do with it, he loved me know matter where he was and he still does! Avery is sleeping on my hope chest here in the window, gazing longingly at this glorious summer day. Life is good


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