Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Avery is getting big..!

I can't believe how big Avery has gotten. This is an older picture, I think he's gained 20 pounds or more. He was 77 pounds at the vet this week. Yes, the vet...again....! All three had been sick for 10 days, Traz was not eating at all by this week. The vet said the flu was going around, but I haven't ever had them be ill this long. I took her word for it, put them on the bland diet (potato flakes and cottage cheese) and they all seem better today. Traz even acts hungry. Hopefully this is all behind us. We have been enjoying great weather here in Oregon. Avery and I have been exploring our new area, we live blocks from a creek and a river! He is loving every minute of it. I will get some pictures of him swimming this year! I know he will love it. Today I am thankful for the sun, the beautiful Oregon landscape and for all the loves in my life.


Blogger Kathleen said...

Oh, I remember seeing this photo! Avery seemed so big at the time, but then you posted more photos of him this winter and those make this photo of him look like a puppy again.

You know, I never thought of dogs getting the flu. I always thought flu was a human disease. I'm glad they're all getting better! Celeste and her ear infection are FINALLY improving. She's spent the last week with a gooey, draining ear...fighting treatment all the way. I understand, but it sure makes fixing her up a difficult job.

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