Thursday, February 28, 2008

The farm

I was looking at old pictures on my computer today and ran across this one. I wish it was clearer so you could see the true beauty of it. This was my dream, living here on this farm with horses! The two horses in the picture are Creampuff and Micky. Two of the greatest things about living here were having a great place for our first gsd Sasha to live her last years, oh how she loved this place, she loved cats and we had many and she loved the wide open space and fresh country air. The second greatest thing was riding with my husband, we had so many great rides. One of my favorite was on Christmas day, it was cold and frosty, we saddled up and headed out on Christmas morning, we visited with neighbors that came out when they heard the clip-clop of the horses hooves on the pavement. I had wished there had been more open land to ride on, like when I was a kid, but Lance never seemed to mind, as long as we found a place or two to gallop, or run like the wind as we like to call it. I used this picture for the cover of the book I wrote a couple of years back, I enjoyed being able to do that. I don't know that there is a more beautiful place on earth than this one, the red earth, white daisies and yellow weed, fir trees standing tall providing shade for the horses on hot days. I am thankful for the great memories of the farm. The great times I spent with my sister and husband here. You know those times when your not sure you did the right thing, made the right choice?!!? I know for sure living here was the right choice! Life changed, we bought our business, ten years ago now. I like where I am in life now, too. The city is fun in its own way and has a lot to offer, life is easier now. No stalls to clean or shots to give. I wish somehow I could slow it down a little though, its moving way to fast! Today I am thankful for the good in my past. Thankful for a great family to share life with and thankful for yet another sunny Oregon day.


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