Sunday, February 25, 2007

Avery at 13 weeks and 10 pounds heavier

Avery is doing very well. I was amazed when I took him to doc bob Thursday, he went from 12 pounds to 22 pounds in three weeks! His skin condition is clearing up very fast now. With proper nutrition and a warm/dry place to live, great things can happen. He is a little miracle! We are enjoying him very much. Nixie is starting to like him now and they play together, which is helpful as at this age pup teeth hurt! I have no idea what he'll look like, he still has gsd markings, but that's about it!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


And then there were three. Avery has been home with us for over a week now, but I haven't had a spare minute to write about him! He is fitting in, but it was a struggle. The first day I fed him, I went to move his bowl and he growled at me. I wanted to cry. What had this tiny pup been put through that would make him aggressive about food, already at 10 weeks. He smelled and was covered in sores and itched so badly he whined and cried nearly all the time. Doc Bob gave me all the medicine needed to make him well again and so we began the daily regime. I cant believe how fast he has recovered. Traz and Nixie are getting use to him, little by little. I am getting use to not sleeping at night, ha ha ha. We love him and he's starting to love us back, which makes this all worth it.