Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life, Love and Laughter

I have so many great pictures on my computer, of family and fun times. I didn't always like this way of keeping pictures, in fact when we first got Nixie I was insistent that Lance print out pictures so I would have some that I could hold in my hands. He not only did that, but made me this wonderful photo album of her first year. Having three dogs is getting easier, as Avery grows up and is becoming more relaxed, so am I. He is very smart and is learning fast. The itchy mite is gone and all the dogs are feeling good again. I am so enjoying a book my sister got me, "Bark if you love me" , its about a non dog loving lady that finds herself rescuing a dog. She soon becomes a dog lover, of course. The second book, which my wonderful sis got me too, is called Dreaming in Libro. That's what she named the dog. I like what she said on the cover "a good dog tames a bad woman" ha ha ha. Louise Bernikow is the author. Reading the book made me think about just how lucky I am to have these dogs in my life and to have always had the love of a great dog in my life. Not everyone gets to experience life in this way, the unconditional love, the constant companionship, the right to act silly and talk to yourself because you always feel like you re with someone! The benefits of living with dogs are endless. Reading the book I imagine Louise will never be dog less again. I know I hope to always have a great dog. Today I am thankful for a great sister that thinks of me even when we're apart. Thankful for a sunny Oregon day to spend playing in the park and thankful to have all the time I desire with family.

Fall turns to Winter

most of these pictures were taken last year. Other than the one with all three dogs. That was this spring. I hope we get snow this year, Avery will love it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Winter is coming

As soon as the weather starts to get cool and rains come, my feet start longing for the hot sands of Mexico! The picture was taken last November, Ixtapa at sunset. I loved this place, so peaceful and beautiful. We had a great time, but always do. I never understand people that say they had a bad vacation..! It's what you make it and we always make ours great. The ocean was so warm and inviting, if you could get past the giant waves, which we did several times. Me, not so gracefully! We have been going to Mexico for the past 5 years, but wont be going this year. Traz isn't able to stay at the kennel anymore, he just doesn't have the strength in his back legs like he should and he takes a lot of coaxing to get food down him these days. I know a week away from us would be much to hard on him. I don't mind, its the least we can do for him, for all he does for us. Taking care of the ones you love and understanding their limitations, when they have them, I think is very important to remember as we age. Today I am thankful all the dogs are healthy (enough) happy and at the moment sleeping! I am thankful to have the energy and ability to run and play with them each day. I am thankful to be here, on this earth to enjoy all it offers, whether it be hot sand between my toes or cool rain on my head.

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Avery

Avery gave me a huge laugh this afternoon, he was sitting up stairs on the cedar chest looking out the window, when all of the sudden he started barking like crazy, came running down the stairs as if to get me, I came up with him, he stopped at the doorway to my room and started barking, like there was someone in the room, ha ha ha ( I think Traz would have let me know that!) He finally jumped up on the cedar chest again and started barking, I looked out someone's recycling was blowing down the sidewalk. I don't suppose he's really every seen anything blowing in the wind, but he was very upset, hair up and the works. I finally went downstairs, outside and picked it up, it was heavy plastic from a case of bottled water. I waved it in the air to show him and threw it away in the dumpster. I was really tempted to act like it was getting me or something funny to see what he would do, but figured I looked like an idiot to any neighbor that might be looking out as is, ha ha ha. The barking ended and all was right in Avery's world again.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The birds are coming back

This is a picture I took last year of the pileated woodpecker in Avery park. There were two on this tree, very large with the bright red heads. You can see the holes in the tree they made to find bugs in. I enjoyed these birds so much. I even saw their babies later in the year, they were so much fun to watch play and learn to fly. They have a very distinct sound, it almost sounds like a tropical bird call. I haven't seen them for sometime now, but I think that's because Avery and I don't walk the same trail that Traz and I did, down by the river. I tried that with Avery a few days ago, but he found a group of other dogs and took off after them. He seemed to go deaf the minute he took of as I yelled my lungs out for him to come back, ha ha ha. I hope to see the woodpeckers again come spring.


Avery in front of roses in Avery park. I love this picture, him with his funny little ears, looking so grown up!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Special Day

This was by far one of the best days I have had in a long time, although it was spent dog less, it was a joy from start to finish. I spent it with the three men I love most in this world, Lance, my Dad and my brother Jon. Lance took this picture of Dad and Jon, both are laughing because I was trying to give them direction so they would be centered in front of the bridge, neither listened to me as you can see!
Being with my Dad is inspiring, he is nearly 80 and still is game for anything, his mood is always good and he still finds enjoyable things to do on this planet. Being with Jon reminds me to smile and be happy for today, leave the past where it belongs and look to the future. I have a ton of great childhood memories with my Dad and Jon on this same coast and on this day it was fun to take the ones that Lance and I have made over the past 29 years and blend them together. We took them to our favorite fish shack and they loved it. Jon bought Dad and him some pickled herring, the idea of them sitting around eating it made me laugh! We all went to the taffy shop and picked out candy to take home and watched the boats come and go at the dock. I felt like a kid again. By the time we headed home Jon was on the phone planning to steel head fish with friends when he got home, Dad was ready for a nap and I was ready to hug some dogs that I knew were at home waiting for us. I think Lance was ready for his recliner! Today I am thankful to make new memories, to laugh with family and friends and to feel soft dog fur on my cold feet.