Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is Delilah. My sis sent this picture to me
yesterday. Samson and Delilah were the first two farm cats we got after we all moved to the farm. I'm thinking she must be 13 years old or older by now. She doesn't actually live at the farm anymore, but visits from time to time. Cats are funny that way, if left to live outside, they wander. We lost Samson many years ago, I don't know that he even lived to be a year old. I was heading out to work one early morning and there lay Samson, on the road. I scooped him up and brought him home. Lance buried him next to our house, it was very hard on both of us. Samson was gone, but never forgotten. Delilah went on to have one litter of kittens before we had her spayed. What fun that was! There were 6 or 7, some had the extra toes like she does and some had these crazy long tails. Toby is the only one left that still comes to the farm. Delilah wanted to have them right in our front yard, but we took her in a box to the old tack room in the barn. The kittens could come out underneath the barn as they got old enough and run right back in when something scared them. I cant count the nights Lance and I sat on the hay deck watching those kittens play in the pasture as they grew up! We laughed endlessly at them jump at nothing and chase imaginary things around the fields. Cats are so different from dogs. I love how independent they are. Today I am thankful for the sunshine and spring flowers that cover the ground in the park. I'm thankful Jan is so thoughtful and sent this picture that brought back some wonderful memories too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

All Three of my darlings

Great sunny weather in Oregon today. We spent every minute we could outside this weekend. Lance even took Avery and Nixie on bike rides/runs later this afternoon. Avery is sitting here next to me looking out his window, I have it open today so he is really enjoying all of the smells coming in. Our neighborhood is a very busy place, kids walking, biking, walking dogs. Today I am thankful for perfect weather, having lunch with my Dad and brother Jon and for a great husband who loves dogs as much as I do.

Action shot of Avery

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Family Christmas 2007

Hey, its only taken me three and 1/2 months to get the Christmas picture posted..! Life is busy, just the way I like it. Avery is away this weekend. He has been really lonely for other dogs lately so I took him to the kennel, which is a big horse and dog farm in the country. He loves it there and barked the whole drive on Friday. I know hes having a great time, but I miss him.
This is a great picture, we had another wonderful Christmas at my sister Jan's. (she and Perry are front and center) Nancy was able to join us too, which was an added treat as we don't get to see her as much as We'd like (Jon's girlfriend, in the pink) Always love seeing Curtis(behind Jan and Perry) I still think of him as a young kid, is that a sure sign I'm getting old or what?!?!? ha ha. I love that my Dad was feeling good and had a great day. My brother Jon, just being with him makes me happy. My sister Jan, I never seem to get as much time with her as I would like, but we really know how to make the most out of what we get. I sometimes wonder if we would ever run out of things to say if we were given an unlimited time to spend together, I somehow doubt it...! Lance, my forever best friend and perfect partner. We are going to Celebrate our 29Th Anniversary this summer...I hope the next 29 go a little slower. Lately we have had a running joke....we got this cookie/bone jar at Costco...One day I said, every time I reach in the jar for 3 bones I come out with you think that means something....he laughs and says...over my dead body are you getting another dog...! A few days later he said...every time I reach in the jar I come out with 2 bones....! ha ha, he thinks he's funny....and he usually is. Laughing together is a great thing. Today I am thankful for a little extra time for myself. Thankful the rain is starting to slow down and thankful for a wonderful family to love and be loved by.