Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alcatraz Weekend In Bend Oregon

We rented this little Chalet that sits on the back 10 acres of property near the Cricketwood B&B in Bend, its dog friendly. We stayed two nights and really enjoyed our time with Traz. He acted like he was at the park the entire weekend, off leash to run as he pleased. He even touched noses with a cow next door! Being on the other side of the mountains is special to us, it feels so open and free. Large ranges and lovely homes all around.
We have had a good , busy summer, but the past 5 weeks have been clouded by how ill my Dad has been. Lung cancer surgery turned into several hospital stays and to the nursing home for rehab, twice now. He is still down in bed and I am starting to worry he'll never get out. As a daughter, I'm not sure what my role should be. I want to go drag him out of bed, get him dressed and get him walking again, but when he say's he's to weak, my heart melts. I know if he stays in bed, doing nothing, his chances of ever getting out are slim. He wants to go home so badly, I wish that was enough motivation to get him going again, but it doesn't seem to be working. He looked at me last week and said, if you ever think about having surgery at 80 years old, think again. I will remember that. The will to live is a strong one.
Avery and I had our last fight, neither of us won. I bought the e-collar and started using on him 2 weeks ago, he's doing wonderfully and is nearly trained now. I did the same thing with Shadow and the same with her, I felt like I was giving up. Why couldn't I train her or him with out the collar?!?!?!? Well, I couldn't, so the "why" of the matter really plays little part in it.
Avery is smart, but willful, sweet like no dog I have ever had and will soon be the best trained of them all. Nixie is off all med's for her allergies and is feeling fine! It is a miracle. I love watching Nixie and Avery play, it brings tears to my eyes to see her well again. I cant believe winter will be here before we know it. Time is moving way to fast. Today I am thankful for great fall weather, green grass to play with the dogs in and a husband that takes over when I get to busy to keep up with work