Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nixie The Queen

Nixie is by far the most beautiful dog I have ever seen and she knows it...!

Big dogs love small places

Traz in Avery's crate. I guess I dont have to worry that Avery is getting to big for this crate yet!

Nixie and Avery on the Sofa

One of the rare times Nixie let Avery up with her, when I was looking that is. I see them getting along fine when Nixie doesn't notice I'm looking...!

Avery looking like a dog already!

What a handsome guy he has become and so loving too

more pictures

Avery in the sprinkler! O what fun getting wet is

A day for pictures

Avery infront of the dogwood tree. He's working on getting a tooth out

Friday, April 27, 2007

New Poem Written for Shadow

Under The Dogwood Tree

A small fuzzy pup, black and tan with ears that barely stood up. One big brown eyed look was all it took, she had me hooked. I would promise from this day forward to feed and nurture her, walk and train her, this the job of a woman who a pup has.

Little did I know in her cute fluffy frame, hid the heart of a lion. With leash in hand, our life together began. Tug on toy's, not pant legs. Come when Called, sleep when put to bed, stay close to home. Don't chase the horses, cow's or cat's. All seemed normal things to ask. Nothing I did took hold, this pup was so fierce and bold.

Time passed, changes came to us both. My voice calm and quiet and she with her howling hello. To say I gave up would be wrong, but give in, right on.

Over our years together she was my constant companion and friend. She took me places where trees grew tall and flowers wild. Water in falls and quiet ponds. Steep mountains that required stopping to reset before reaching the crest. Her head out the window with wind rushing past her, even on the coldest days, this I gave. My promised words empty, when all it really took was one word, unspoken, love.

On her final day, I promised again, to see her go from this life, right to the very end. She rode in the truck and ate donuts for lunch. I cried endlessly, angry that I couldn't hide my pain on this day, our last. Her head in my lap, my hand stroking her beautiful fur, I told stories about this fierce pup, strong as a lion, who never gave up. To feel her heart not more tore me like nothing ever had before.

A dogwood tree we planted above her as marker. Below, my tears mixed with earth and her ashes. Each spring the tree blooms, large pink flowers we admire. I feel her there, I feel her everywhere. she changed who I am~~~~~~~

I stood next to the dogwood tree a few days ago, wondering how I will leave it behind when we move. Avery came up to me an poked me in the leg. I know Avery was sent to heal my broken heart. Lance had a great idea, dig deep around the dogwood tree, take some of the earth and plant it with a new tree at our new house, that made me feel better. He always makes me feel better.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Time for a change

This is our family at Christmas last year. It was a fun evening. My Dad still amazes me with his quick wit and great outlook on life. I did notice his memory is starting to fade. When I mentioned the location of our new house, reminding him the road is the same one where we boarded the horse he bought my sister and I, of course that was 35 years ago! A new house! I am excited and worried all at the same time. This house is the only home all three dogs have ever known, so I worry about the change for them, but we need more space! The addition of Avery made our house feel much too small. I think the change will be good for us all. We will be closer to family and farther from our business. When I look at this picture I feel how happy we were on this day and am so grateful for having a great family.
Avery is cutting teeth, very hard on the little guy. We just had a good laugh as Traz managed to get himself into Avery's crate, Lance got a picture so I can add it to the blog on another day. I think we are going to get them all new beds soon so they can break them in good before we move. Nixie might still get to be on the sofa as she needs the extra padding, and I'm a softy for her sweet brown eyes looking up at me! Time for a trip to the park..!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh How Fast They Grow Up

It always seems like one day I'm holding this cute little puppy and the next day I look down and see a half grown dog..! Avery loves laying near Nixie. He's on the floor in this picture, but now she does let him on the couch with her, if hes being good. We had family over yesterday, what a chore it was keeping three dogs in check while visiting. The older dogs think they can get away with anything when I'm distracted, and they do! Yesterday was a special day. My brother Jon, Lance and Myself all did something together, that in itself is a wonderful thing! but, we will always remember the day as we all got Tattoo's, Jon and I got matching ones and Lance got a similar one. After Mom passed last year I started thinking of all the things we don't do just because we might regret doing them. Life is too short for regret and I plan to have none! I will always look at this tattoo and feel gratitude and love.