Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Family

Avery is kicking back on the upstairs sofa, he doesn't do that very often, and when he does, he doesn't leave me much room! So many days when we leave work, all three dogs heads are out the window, but of course, not today when Lance had the camera! Nixie is there, just hidden by Traz. Avery is being naughty, with his feet up on the window. Traz looks like hes sticking his tongue out?!?!?!? ha ha ha. I love this little PT Cruiser for hauling the dogs. We took the seats out, so its just like a van in the back, easy for them to just walk right into and there is just enough room for them to all lay down, although Avery always sits right between the seats and looks out the front. I have enjoyed our park walks the past couple of weeks, not very many people left around with the weather changing, so Avery is getting a lot of good off leash time to run and play. I see the one older Man that lives near the park going to catch the bus every morning now , at around 7:30 , right when I'm pulling into work. Donna, the gal that lives in the house right next to the park said his wife is in an assisted living place in town. Now that's devotion. We got these silly talking snow men at Hallmark yesterday, what a mistake, it hasn't mattered where we put them, Avery WANTS them! If I put them away, he things I'm teasing him, If I put them on the floor he barks at them. I can see them going to someone else before the holidays are even here. Today I am thankful for the up-coming three day work week..! We will be spending Thanksgiving with family at my Sisters, so look forward to that! I am thankful Dad came out to lunch with us yesterday and very thankful that the dogs are all healthy.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Change in Weather

The rain is starting to return to Oregon. I enjoy it, for a month or two and then I'm ready for the sun to come back. I think I enjoy it most, because we have the park to ourselves in the winter. I love watching the dogs run and play in all of the golden leaves on the ground and they seem to be more calm in the cooler weather. The time change seems to have all of them going to sleep early tonight! I have been ill for several weeks now, which has taken a toll on my life with dogs and without dogs! Everything seems to take more energy than I have to offer. I tried having Lance take Traz for his morning walk, which left me with just walking Avery, but neither Traz or Avery liked that change, so we stopped doing that and I went back to walking both of them. Like my Dad always says, this to shall pass. I have a lot to be thankful for, my legs still carry me on miles of trails, even in the rain. I am thankful for dogs old enough to understand when I have to lay down and nap. I'm thankful for time away with my sister to just enjoy each others company...she means the world to me. I'm thankful that my brother is always only a phone call away and is there for me when I need him. I love when Avery gets up on our bed and sleeps by my feet and thankful when he gets down so I can spread out! Today...I welcome winter and all that it brings.