Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day Of 2008....

I felt like putting some pictures from the summer in, just to see the green grass and flowers again feels good! What a year it has been, good in so many ways, but so many new challenges too. I am always ready to start a new year, it gives me time to "refresh" myself and my life.
The stone near the red flower on the right is a marker for Shadow, I got it at Garlands last year. It has a pretty poem on it. It felt right having something that felt like a part of her was here with us at the new house. Not to many days go by that I still don't think about Shadow, she will always be sadly missed. However, Avery is such the dog of love! Life would not be as great as it is if it were not for Avery! He has had a sick stomach this past week, Lance made a joke that went something like this "I think hes worried about the economy, he thinks he'll have to live on the street again" It made us laugh! But, so many days I remind myself that we are safe, with a roof over our heads, plenty of food, good jobs and the love of good families. We are very fortunate and do not take that lightly. I am thankful for another day on this plant with the ones I love most and look forward to many walks in the park in 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day&Holiday Photo&Misc

The above is a photo of Avery teasing Nixie, he gets as many bones as possible in his mouth, runs up to her and pokes her in the cheek or nose, as if to say "ha ha ha--I have all the bones" she falls for it and chases him around and around, or, more likely, shes playing along with his game of tag, just like Traz did with Nixie at this age. I see in the picture with all three in front of the tree that Nixie has her leg over Avery's leg, and there is a bone! ha ha. Avery and I walked to the park several times in the snow this week. Traz, Nixie and Lance rode to the park in the truck. I also walked Avery to the fields by our house a few times, he loves this cold weather. He is made to be out in it, thick fat and fur! Its snowing again right now, Avery is on his window seat looking out at the world, or just the neighbor guy smoking on his porch across the street, hard to tell which. That guy has a boxer dog, very pretty, he walks it a long distance at least once a day...but...if you walk by their house on the way to the mail box and the dog hears hits the front window as if its coming through it..! Makes me jump every time. I have no idea what these guys do when I'm not home, but I'm sure they have some fun barking at this and that. I keep the front curtain closed so they at least cant see outside. Today I am thankful for another Christmas here in Oregon to spend with my family. Thankful for the new car that drives like a dream in this bad weather and so very thankful for healthy happy dogs to curl up with on this cold nights.