Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Family

Getting all three dogs to sit still long enough to take this picture was nearly impossible. Traz being the oldest and the one that wouldn't stay put...! He is such a puppy at heart. Avery is 31 1/2 pounds now and growing into a wonderful dog. He loves all people and other animals. Nixie and Avery are still working things out. Nixie likes Avery, when hes sleeping, ha ha ha. I feel that way most of the time too. He has razor sharp teeth at this age and he likes to use them! I LOVE having three dogs! Each one is so beautiful and special in their own way. Oh yeah, that guy in the middle, I love him too. This is how I will always see Lance, surrounded by dogs, loving every minute of it, but not letting on that he does! Today was a perfect, sunny, spring day in Oregon, fit for dogs and humans alike. Life Is Good.