Saturday, January 24, 2009

A day at the park with Avery

We have started taking the dogs one by one, at least once a month, so they have a day with us, to themselves. They seem to enjoy that. Last Saturday was Avery's day, we drove to roaring river, walked the trail along the river, then found a ball that another dog had left (always makes a ball special) we played a long time. He didn't want to sit on that picnic table, but he did it just long enough for a picture. Then we all went to subway for lunch. Avery doesn't like chips or bread, but loved the cookie Lance shared with him.
We had some excitement today, the kids that rent a house 3 down had left and there dogs were running loose when we drove home from the grocery. One is a 2 year old Malamute, huge dog, the other is a mix, Malamute and ? , six months old and already has huge feet. We loaded them up in the car and then put them in our yard as we called the phone number on the larger ones tag. Thankfully the guy wasn't to far away and our dogs were going nuts! We enjoyed our time with the two run aways , fed them and watered them, even played awhile, then home they went. Traz, Nixie and Avery had to cover every square inch of the yard with pee to be sure and get rid of the visitors smell, ha ha ha. Today I am thankful for a car that can hall large dogs, dry weather to walk in and thankful my family is all home and healthy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sometimes your the Bug....Sometimes your the Rose

This is a rose from my garden last summer...with a very odd bug on it. It lived on the bush for several days, it never seemed to eat much, so we left it alone. It looked like a cross between a praying mantis and a grasshopper. Avery was just having a barking fit out this upper story took me several minutes to see what all the noise was about.....the neighbors had put their Christmas tree out on the curb....oh how could they...!!!!! ha ha ha. He is feeling all better now, in fact the day I made the vet appointment, he stopped feeling ill, dogs! We went to the vet and he got his shots, he took it like a mandog and was sweet to all the girls. We took them a gift of lotions and soaps (just in case he was bad) they seemed to enjoy the gift and the picture of the three dogs attached to it. We celebrated Dads 80Th birthday at Redrobin last week. He seemed to enjoy the meal and the young folks singing to him. Hes in great health for his age, but week after next he is going back to the VA for a surgery. My sister and I have already made our plans to be there and how to take care of him after, so I feel good about it, or as good as is to be expected. He is getting old, that's hard to deal with sometimes. My nephew came down for the Birthday party, I enjoyed that more than anything else so far this year! Nixie is laying to my right, chewing on a bone, Avery is to my left sleeping on his window seat and Traz is with Lance in the next room, like he always is. Today I am most thankful for time to celebrate life with my family, dry weather to walk in, my meeting with my sister at the mall for shopping last week.