Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thinking Back

I was thinking about last year, when Avery came home to live with us. It seems more like years now, life sure wouldn't be the same without him in it. I saw Avery's Sister today, she is beautiful too. I hadn't seen her and the man that she is with in a few weeks, that always worries me. I learned of her existence from the people I got Avery from, they all (the man that has the sister and the folks I got Avery from, lived in the same camp. I would see the man walking her and sometime she ran next to his bike, or in the hot weather he put her in the bike trailer he used to move his cans from one location to another. She always looked well fed and taken care of and still does. I think her hair is longer because she lives out doors. Now, they live in a tent camp alone the highway, just outside of Corvallis, next to a man made lake. I see the smoke every day as I go to and from work, and always think of the pup. I wish life was different and she and Avery could meet and play, I know he would like that. I did think of something funny today as they passed me on the highway, the man has always had the dog, but in this time frame there have been at least three different women riding on the bike next to him. The moral of the story might be....a good woman is hard to find....and..a good dog is hard to leave behind.
There isn't anything funny about the life of drugs and misery these folks live in, but I truly believe that having a dog that mirrors Avery must give this man some "good" in his day, something to feel proud of and for sure something that gives him the love he must be missing in his life. Today I am thankful to live in a warm house that is made a home by the man and dogs I share it with. Thankful to the caring people that gave my sister and myself a true "Ladies" afternoon of much needed pampering and the best visiting she and I have gotten in for some time now. I am also thankful for the sun that came out for our park walk today, I needed that..!

Avery Now

Avery's first week

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gray around the edges

Lance took Traz with him in his truck the other afternoon and has now several times, the company next to us at work is complaining , again, about Traz barking if we both leave, so this will hopefully work out for all involved. Anyway, they have been going to the park before coming back to shop and Traz loves it. Traz always liked riding with Lance in the truck, but got to where he wasn't comfortable and would get noisy. Avery loves the truck too. Lance took Nixie and Avery one day, Avery ran up front and jumped in Nixie's seat, that lasted about as long as it took Nixie to get up there and push him off, She is the Queen! Avery gave all of us several laughs today, first by fighting with some lumber on the shop floor, he goes into a deep down growl and bark at all lumber, ha ha ha. Then he climbed on one of the shop bench shelves trying to get a ball. After we had lunch I got up and he got into my chair, sat awhile then walked right up onto Lances desk ( Picture to follow when I have time to load it) The only thing I can figure is he grew this week and can now get onto things he couldn't before. He is about 2" taller than Nixie now. He seems to be doing OK with the time change, with it getting dark so early we don't get the after supper play time now. I have been walking him for a longer time in the afternoon, so think that helps. He will be a year old before we know it. Lance decided he should share his birthday in December as we don't really know when Avery was born. The other dogs have real birthdays. Traz turns 7 next week and Nixie will be 4 in the spring. Time goes so very fast. Today I am thankful for a warm house that holds the loves of my life, a great job that allows me to spend all of my time with husband and thankful for another day to enjoy all that life offers.