Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Black & Tan

I opened my lap top computer today, for the first time in over a year. I noticed I started writing about the dogs, about this time last year. I had forgotten about that, but always, in the back of my mind looms a book. In my mind I call it "my first love of the four legged kind" , but today my mind said, maybe Black and Tan would be more fitting. That's the color of nearly every dog I've had, although Shadow was registers as a Black and Silver shepherd, she really was more Black and Tan. I was watching the animal plant last week and ran into the story about Michael Vick and the pit bulls, I really didn't think I could watch, but was glad I watched the ending, to see most of the dogs made it to new homes and are living a happy life. I cant even imagine, not in my wildest dreams what would compel a person to fight dogs. Its so brutal and senseless, a waste of beautiful animals. Traz, Nixie and Avery are dogs, I never forget that, and I let them enjoy as much of a dog like life as possible, but with the creature comforts of a soft bed to sleep on, a warm lap to lay a head on and an endless amount of food and water to enjoy. A lady I have run into at the park for years now, always says, "I want to come back as one of your dogs" I take that as one of the best compliments I've ever received! Toady I am thankful for warm sunny weather, a good nights sleep last night and a long three day weekend coming up to spent with the ones I love.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pretty and Handsome

Avery looks so handsome, posing here with his best side facing me, ha ha ha. I know he was really just looking at me while Lance took the photo. Nixie is laying in the small amount of shade we have in the yard, enjoying the cooler weather. Traz was busy playing with his favorite toy , that black Kong, so we had to ask him to stop long enough for one photo. Avery teases Traz by grabbing that Kong and running, Traz always chases him, I think they both enjoy the game. Avery met up with a puppy in the park the other day, he really enjoyed the play time with it, but I noticed he was ready to stop playing long before that puppy, that's a change as around here Avery seems to never stop and the other dogs get tired of him! Nixie is still feeling great, not very itching at all. We are going to go ahead and book our trip to Crater lake for next month and take Nixie with us. I will so enjoy the time with just her, we don't get much of that together. I love the boy's, but they are true boys. It will be nice to just have Nixie girl for a change. Today I am thankful for healthy animals and for a healthy family. I am thankful the weather is cooling off and thankful the thunder storm last night didn't wake Avery. Today, Life is Great.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is my brother Jon when he was hrmmm 17 I would guess. He's got his motorcycle packed and is riding to a lake to camp. He did that a lot. This picture was taken outside of the house I grew up in, the church in the back ground is the one Lance and I got married in. The car was my folks, before or after this picture, I took Jon out and let him drive that car and we got in a wreck, neither of us were hurt, so the folks didn't really mind.
I spent time with Jon this weekend and as always, I cherish every minute of it. I feel as at home and comfortable with him as I do with my dogs, that is saying a lot, ha ha ha. Jon has overcome a lot in his life, he beat the odds. We had two other brothers, Joel was our oldest, he died at the age of 32, in the year 1989, he took his own life. Jay was my middle brother, the died at the age of 40, in 1998 of a drug over dose. Jay and I were only 2 years apart and close growing up, but I saw his death coming, so it seemed less painful, but only in the longevity of grief, not severity. Joel was the forever funny guy, always making people laugh. I use to worry about Jon, a lot, but realized I was wasting our time together with my worries, so now I just enjoy him. You cant bring people back, but you can learn from the experience and from them, in life and death. You never stop learning, in your mind and your heart. Jay taught me hard work and kindness. Joel taught me to search for more than the eye can see, but to enjoy whats right in front of you as you travel. I use to go to the cemetery a lot and visit with my brothers, but notice after Mom died year before last, I don't go much anymore. I decided its because she's there taking care of them. My job is done. Some day we'll all meet up again and have a good laugh. Today I am thankful for Life, Love and Laughter.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Clear day at the coast

You would have to click on this picture to make it big enough to see the light house in the distance, but its there! Most Oregon coast days are so foggy you wouldn't ever be able to take this picture. We were very luck to stay on a weekend in June that it was clear and sunny and warm! This was a dog less weekend. They are needed now and again, just to remind me how much I miss the three darlings when separated from them. We are planning a trip to Crater Lake next month and plan to take Nixie along. For the past 3 weeks Nixie has been a different dog, she feels good and is NOT itching. Very rare for her. She plays with Avery constantly and has even wanted to play ball in the shop again. I want this to last and i want to believe it will, so I'm making the reservations and keeping my fingers crossed for mid September. I get very little time with Nixie, so this will be a special treat. All three dogs come to work with us, every day. Traz and Avery stay with me in my office and Nixie rides in the truck with Lance, for the morning. Our shop is right next to a huge park, so all three dogs get walks to the park every morning and some afternoons, depending on how busy I am. This is the perfect life, the life I always dreamed of, I am one lucky person......!! Avery has decided on nights that Nixie is in the bed in the hall, he should sleep on the bed with us. The first time he did this, I tried to move him off, but he turned into a boneless blob and wouldn't get down, so now I just try to keep him on my side, near my feet. He only stays an hour or so, then gets down. To be honest, I kind of like feeling his warm back fur on my legs.....! Today I am thankful for three healthy dogs an another perfect sunny summer day.