Thursday, January 31, 2008

Avery Then and Now

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day

That's Avery in the lead with Nixie close behind him! Traz is watching and of course eating snow too, he loves it! What a great snow day we had. It happened to be a Sunday so we were off work. We took them to a field near our house and had it all to ourselves, other than some kids with sleds. Avery had his ears up like this a couple of times. He really enjoys this cold weather. Nixie acts like a puppy around Avery, they get along so well. Traz did plenty of playing in between snow eating, ha ha ha. Today I am thankful for a cold clear day to play outside and a warm fire to come home too.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Update on Nixie

I took Nixie to the eye doctor, she suspects this is some sort of deposit, either from fat or mineral. It was one of those 2 second visits with a stranger, the kind Nixie really hates. I paid my $65.00, leaving with nothing more than I entered with. I took her back to our vet and had the recommended blood work done to see if it showed anything, it didn't. We just watch it and see if the areas get larger. The vet (Dr Christina) that we take the dogs too did say she suspects its from the large doses of Prednisone Nixie was on when younger, for her allergies. Either way, Nixie is doing well and seems to have little to no problem seeing. Today was a great dog day, cold and clear and perfect for running in the large park near our house. Nixie and Avery are really starting to play together and are enjoying each other more every day. I feel so lucky to have the three off them, words cant express what joy they bring to my life. Today I am thankful for a great husband that puts up with our furry family. Grateful for a wonderful Sister who got me out of here for a much needed shopping trip last week and Grateful that Lance and I will taking time out to share a meal with my Dad and Brother Jon tomorrow. Life is Good.