Monday, May 28, 2007

New And Old

Avery is in love with the view from his new second story window. He sits here until he's so tired he falls asleep. I caught him just as he was drifting off , and still, for a change. He is sleeping on the oldest thing I own, a Cedar chest my folks bought me when I was a teenager. Back then they were called Hope Chests, I guess hoping to get a husband was the idea of it. Mom and Dad filled it with things I would need, silverware, plates and such. I have all my prized possessions packed in it now, old albums, my wedding dress (that Mom made) old things of my husband Lances too. Tomorrow will be one year since Mom passed away. It hardly seems possible that it's been that long. We went to the cemetery as a family yesterday, it was nice. We talked of old times gone by. Jan brought flowers that we placed on all three stones. I didn't feel sad like I worried I would. I felt so happy to be there with the ones I love. To have had those wonderful memories of growing up with people that loved life and had no regrets of how they lived it. Today I am grateful to be free. To have wonderful "dog nose art" on every window in my house and in my car and to love and be loved by wonderful people and beautiful dogs.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Animals to Love

We stopped all the moving and hauling of things to celebrate a monumental Birthday, my nephew Curtis is turning 30 in just a few seems impossible, I remember holding him in my arms and now he towers over me! He's standing at the far right. My brother Jon is bottle feeding the goat, that was really fun to watch. Dad standing and enjoy it all. Jan taking a picture also. She is the proud parent of this sweet little thing. We had a great day enjoying time with our people family. Our dog family did fine in the new house, for the first time left alone, minus Avery that is, we just picked him up this morning from the farm/kennel that kept him for the weekend. When I took him he got a look at a couple of horses close up, his back hair went straight up and he barked, hes tough, ha ha ha. Nixie does not seem happy to have Avery home, but I know things will settle down and all will be fine again. Traz is tired tonight. A lot of stairs for the old guy to climb. Tomorrow I will have all three dogs at work for the full day, instead of 1/2 the day. Give me strength. Today I am grateful that all three of my wonderful furry kids are a sleep right now so I can rest....!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Let's Not Eat It......

I find myself saying that often..Avery what is in your mouth, lets not eat it..! Nixie..Drop it..Lets not eat it...! Traz...Please..Lets not eat it...ha....Today was a great dog day in Oregon. Nearly 80 Degrees, barely a cloud in the sky. We ran in the park like it was already summer. Avery went with us to the new house today, he loves the stairs. Moving day is fast approaching, we are ready, all of us, ready for a change. Today I am grateful for other peoples blogs to read, ones that make me laugh and think about life in other places. I am grateful for my wonderful husband, whom slipped today when I said, I am so glad Avery came into our lives, he returned with "me too" He often acts like having three dogs is insane, but I know he loves each just as much as I do. This picture is Nixie, in the woods about a year ago. She loves to jump on things. This picture isn't very clear and she looks goofy on that rock....! I love pictures of her best when she isn't looking so serious!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This is Sasha, our first gsd. I found this picture while packing. It seems like a life time ago that she was in our life. I still miss her. I use to think time healed all wounds, but now...I think..time moves on and takes us with it.
Today, I am grateful to have had the joy of wonderful dogs in my life, grateful to live where I can run with them in lush grass and play stick as long as my arm will throw!