Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crater Lake Trip

We had a great trip to Crater Lake. Nixie did pretty well, but was exhausted by the time we got home. A lot of people wanting to pet and visit with her on the walk at Crater Lake and she isn't that much a fan of people! I thought it was really brave of us to have her with us, as we only saw one other dog near the lake! We stopped at Diamond lake too. The creek she is walking in was coming off of a water fall, it was crystal clear and cold as ice. The place we stayed over night , In chemalt was a little tacky, but we all slept good, so that's what mattered. That Sunday night, when the boy's were still at the kennel, nixie just acted completely out of sorts, she acted that way the next morning too. We picked Avery and Traz up around 10 that morning and by noon nixie was back to her smiling--dancing self. It felt good that she missed them, I wasn't sure she would! I don't know how many times we will attempt a trip like this, 580 miles in a weekend is a lot of work on us old folks, but it was a blast and a trip we'll always remember. Today I am thankful for Oregon and all of its splendor. Thankful for time to enjoy the loves of my life and thankful for quiet time at home.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Perfect Day

It was a week filled with what I don't like most about life, intruders. Insurance agents and police, doing the job we asked of them after several of our work vans were broken into, but all of it is such a distraction from the normal day to day work. It was hard on the dogs too, which made it all worse. Today, we took Avery to the beach, we needed the time away and he is still young and needed the time to run. Next weekend we take Nixie to Crater lake, so I didn't feel AS bad leaving she and Traz home. I took Traz for a long walk in the fields, he peed on everything , twice, at least, so was content. Avery was perfect today, I didn't have one complaint. He listened, stayed close to my side and enjoyed himself, that being the most rewarding off all to me. I wanted him to have fun and he didn't let me down. He dug in the sand and covered me with the sand a couple of times, which made Lance laugh, something he really needed this weekend. He watched horses run on the beach and didn't chase after them, he let everyone pet him and he stayed down and enjoyed it. This day reminded me very much of the many times we took Shadow to the beach, she never met a person that could resist petting her and she loved it too. My shoes are full of sand, Avery is sound a sleep on his window seat next to my chair. Nixe and Traz are sleeping in the hall. We are a tired, happy gang. Today I am most thankful for good health, for myself, Lance and all of the dogs. I am thankful to have not one complaint, not one worry, not one chore left and its only 6 on Sunday evening! Life is Great.