Saturday, January 27, 2007

so serious

Nixie is one of those dogs that always looks serious. Traz on the other hand, always looks like he's smiling. We went to snowpeak today, it wasn't above freezing outside, but we were all dressed warm..! The dogs love it up there, I think mostly because we don't worry about them or call them to stay close. Traz went deaf once and ended up in river..oh well...! He enjoyed it ALOT. He enjoyed the whole trip, he still acts like such a Puppy. I worried about him the first part of the week, he twisted a hip and didn't run for a day or two. Not like Traz! Nixie weaves in and out between Lance and I, never going to far off the beaten path. Friday the homeless people were there again, with the gsd pup, I couldn't believe my eyes. He looked good, they had fed and bathed him. He was chewing on my pant leg and jumping all around. The man said they might consider selling him to me and asked how much I could give. I asked how much they wanted, he answered $900.00 to 1,200.00, it didn't really surprise me. I have been around addicts many times. they seem to have no idea to the value of a dollar, nor how long it takes to earn that sort of money. I explained that I would be able to give them $100.00 or a little more, that was all I had, I had two other mouths to feed at home already. We ended the conversation with, I will come by another day and talk with you about the pup. Reality was setting in, oh lord...3 GSD'S in one small house with two people! Lance just looked at me like I'm insane, but of course he loves the dogs as much or more than I do and would have plenty of love for a third one. If we are suppose to have little Avery, then they will be there monday and ready to take what money I have. I know that to be true.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bluebear the homeless pup

Traz and I walked to the park this morning, it was a day like every other. Foggy and cold, normal Oregon winter. I love the fog, I feel invisible in it, I like that. I feel like we are alone. Today like so many lately , I could hear the voices of the homeless people. Now that you can't drive through the park because of all the trees down, the people are moving in. I heard them rattling a container and calling to a dog. Today I didn't feel like seeing what I know my eyes would hurt to see, so Traz and I walked the other way. A moment later I heard a cry and then another, we ran in the direction of it. Here were a man and woman curled up in sleeping bags and a tiny GSD pup tied to the picnic table beside them. She said the pup bit her so she hit it. My heart skipped a beat. No more a painful word could I have heard. I tried everything I knew to convince them to give me that pup, nothing worked. I even went back to my office and got all the money I had and tried buying it from them. No luck. Homeless, a bike and belongs, she 5 1/2 months pg and he on some sort of disability, but they were holding onto that pup as if it were their most priced possession. I even asked if I could take it to the vet and bring it back to them. All the while thinking, I wonder if I could really do that, bring it back, I doubted it. I lost today, but will try again tomorrow.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fun Without Sun

Winter in Oregon can be long, grey and wet...but dogs don't seem to care in the least. Right before this picture was taken today, both Nixie and Traz were running in the grass behind me, mud flying up their sides, rain falling on their backs, without a care in the world. I on the other hand, I am bundled up, still freezing and wishing I hadn't forgotten my gloves in the truck! They had a good time. You have to splash a little mud to have a good time, or so dogs think. A new poem came to me last week. It's title "Under the Dogwood Tree" a more funny, quirky poem about Shadow. I haven't finished it, sometimes a poem can take months to write and others days.