Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Avery at work

Lance took this picture with his phone, so its blurry, but this is Avery's new favorite thing! When I'm in a hurry I always sit on the edge of my chair at work, he's decided that leaves him just enough room to sit behind me. He is such a lovebug! He steals my heart a little bit more with each passing day. He is the first dog that notices what I'm doing and how I'm feeling, other than Shadow, of course. Avery and I have the same connection as she and I did. He knows when I'm sad or happy and his mood mirrors mine. Right now he's crying at the window really wanting out after that little dog that's getting its walk in front of our house. He doesn't bark much, thankfully. Tomorrow Traz goes in for his second Lime/Sulfur dip. We all got use to the smell pretty fast and he really seems to feel better. Nixie is growing a lot of hair and looking great. Avery is slightly itchy is all. Soon Avery will get to ride with Lance in the big truck sometimes, he already wants too, but Lance is still to busy to train a pup. I am so looking forward to things slowing down. We work non-stop all summer and the pay off is having a lot of time together in the winter, I so enjoy that. Today I am thankful to be healthy. Thankful all of the dogs are on the mend and thankful to love and be loved.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Traz and Shadow

I was thinking about Shadow today, mostly because Avery often acts like her! I even find myself calling him Shadow from time to time. Traz was not even 2 years old in this picture. Time goes way to fast. My struggle this week with Avery has been "Patience or Punishment" he is getting to the age and weight that any bad behavior is to much for me to handle! He has that Puppy Energy going on that seems to last most of the day sometimes. Lance started taking him for runs alone side his bike this week and he really likes it and is doing very well listening to Lance. Nixie had her third and last shot today. Shes doing so well and feeling better than I can remember her ever feeling! Doc Kim thinks most likely Avery had this bug when we got him and passed it to the other dogs, Nixie got it the worst because of her bad skin allergies. She said its normal that Avery got better with good food and care because the mites wont live as well, but that Nixie re infested him and then Traz. I will be glad when this is all over and am hopeful that Traz will tolerate the treatments. Today was a great dog day, Nixie found a ball at the park so was showing off to Avery and Traz most of our walk. Of course shortly she set the ball down and Avery took off with it..! After supper they came outside with me and helped in making the first of many dried flower arrangements I will make for Christmas gifts this year. Avery took off with some flowers, he felt so proud..ha ha ha. Today I am thankful for perfect weather, having all my work done for another day and for the love of a good man.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Life with Dogs is Busy

I have been so busy caring for the three cuties I don't have much extra time to write about our life lately. Avery got weighed at the vet yesterday, 73 1/2 pounds! I had no idea he had gotten that big. All dogs look small compared to Traz. I started cooking some brown rice and chicken to add to Traz's food this week, he is getting thin. We took Nixie and Traz to the vet together last weekend, Nixie is doing so much better I can hardly believe it. When I gave her a bath on Wed, I only had about 3 hairs in the tub..! We are getting shots for Nixie and Avery, to kill an external parasite that they might have, its a big might have as the vet cant find one on them, but we have to try something for this itching, they all have it. Traz can not have the shot as it works in the neurological part of the body and with his already compromised system, we cant risk it...soooo Traz is going to get a Lime/Sulfur dip. He will stink and turn yellow for awhile, joy joy! All in a day with dogs. Avery is a love beyond words. He sticks to me like glue and is as smart as any dog I have ever had, maybe smarter, time will tell. Today I am thankful for this great life, enough money to care for the ones I love in it and for the most perfect weather anyone could ask for.