Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer is here!

Summer has officially hit Oregon, with temperatures in the 90's today. It appears Traz has passed on his ability to pose for the camera to Avery. Poor Nixie never did learn to like having her picture taken. She is doing well though, and of course is much prettier than these two boys, ha ha ha. I have been absent from my blog more due to a problem with my neck, shoulder and hand. I am getting old, darn it. I started reading a new book yesterday. "three dog life" I saw it last year, but resisted buying it as I know it's sad and wasn't in the mood for it. It's a memoir, which are my favorite things to read. I will mention it more when I finish it. I also got a book called "the day I ate whatever I wanted" it looks very funny. I like having one book at work and one at home so I can read when the mood strikes me. Avery is a sleep on his window seat, next to me. He steals my heart a little more each day, although one bad thing happened to me this past year, because of Avery's arrival. I have lost my compassion for the homeless people. When I see one, I look away and feel mad at them for even being in my line of sight. All I can figure out is this, I love Avery, but did not want or need another dog, so I feel I blame the people that had him and am angry at them. I am working on myself and I know I can resolve this feeling. I fear if I don't find compassion for some people I wont have it for anyone, so won't let that happen. Today I am thankful for air conditioning! Thankful for a wonderful family, both human and dog and so thankful for the love of a good man.

Avery looking handsome

We haven't had many people over in the past year, its hard with Avery as he "Loves" everyone, which means he jumps, runs and bumps into people. My family was brave enough to come over for a BBQ and we had a great time. Avery did really well, after he greeted everyone a few times, then he played and was better than I thought he would be. If I had to say Avery has a fault, it would be his love of people and other animals.