Saturday, September 30, 2006

Itchy Nixie

Nixie and Traz at Avery Park Last Winter
Nixie is no better today. The poor thing itches in a new area every day! I keep telling Lance I can't deal with this, a sick animal again so soon after shadows long illness, but I don't even know what that means. I wouldn't ever give up on Nixie, unless she is miserable and her life isn't good. She seems to enjoy life and feel fine most of the time. I hope this ends soon. Today we'll enjoy the last really nice day of the year. Lots of park time and fun around the yard.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dogs Always Know

Nixie coming out of the river
They know when we're tired and know when we're hurried. We always devote Saturday and Sunday morning to the dogs. Often Lance brushes them and always we take a walk in the park. Today our park was taken over by People parking for the football game, so we headed to the river park. It was ok, but like many days this last month, we were in a hurry. I don't like when life is to busy to enjoy a walk with the dogs. Today will be better.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For the Love Of Animals

This is how I will always remember my Mom. She was a cat lover through and through. She never turned away a cat in need of love. She taught me to love and respect all animals, great and small. She taught me to care for animals with respect and compassion. I got my love for animals from my Mom, that I know for sure. I wouldn't trade time with the ones I love for all the gold in fortknox and she wouldn't of either.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The River, Meditation and Yoga

I participated in all three of the above yesterday and now wonder which one did me the most good. I will have to lean towards the river. There is something about watching the dogs swim that gives me great pleasure. We drove to the upper cali. Its a long drive from our home, but well worth it. Its very peaceful and quite and the dogs can run wild as there are no people around this time of year. I managed to find one really great piece of wood for wall art. Of course both Nixie and Traz wanted it the entire time I carried it back up to the car. Nixie really doesn't understand how to swim, but she has great fun trying. Traz is really something to watch in the water. He swims so effortlessly. I think he was still wet when he woke up this morning! Nixie is nearly hairless from all the allergies so she was dry before we got home.
In this picture its easy to see why nixie isnt a great swimmer. Her feet are never under the water! Traz was being so kind and went to get Nixies stick as she thought it was out to far. I think she came back with his...!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hanging Out

This is Shadow and Traz playing..!
Today is a true dog day. Nothing planned, lots of play time and together time. I'm working on getting rid of the bad mood I've been in this week, but I still feel it lingering around in my head. I know when it started and why it started, just don't know what to do about it. I try my hardest to follow the "4 agreements" of life,One of which is to not assume anything, but when someone else assumes something about me, I don't know just how to deal with it. I cant control my emotions anymore, therefore its much easier for me to be left out of things than participate. I dislike this about myself, but am learning to deal with it and move on. This happened to me when Shadow died. Her death changed who I am. Not because of how she died, or that she died, but how she changed my life when she was alive. She showed unconditional love, she was always kind to me, watched out for me, rested with me when I was tired and ran with me when I was energetic. She never made me feel guilty or feel bad for what I'm not. We people could learn a lot from dogs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This was when Nixie was a puppy, she thinks she's all that plus a little...!

My back hurts from giving Nixie a bath, repeatedly this week trying to stop the constant itch, not to mention mowing the lawns with the self propel lawn mower that is no longer self propel..! One day Nixie is better and the next she's right back to itching again, I wish this would let up as I need to start her shots back up again soon and cant until this reaction is over. Traz and I took an early walk in the park today, it was so peaceful and quiet now that all the kids are gone back to school. The only people we saw were the walking talking man and the bearded man that walks by us, but never looks our way. I found this very cute book the other day, It's written by Trixie, Dean Koontz's dog. She's a golden retriever sort of dog, very pretty. I'm going to give it to the boys next door as I think they'll like it. The weather is changing today. Fall is truly in the air.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The dog quilt

Mom made this quilt for the dogs. I posed them and took this picture and framed it for her. She liked it. I don't remember her liking dogs all that much, but she really liked Nixie and Traz. That made me feel good. I miss her today.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another quiet evening at home

Nixie did great at the vet. Although she is so timid it still catches me off guard when she crawls behind my legs and hides! We came home with antibiotics, shampoo and more prednisone. Traz seemed to think he was cheated out of a good time as hes acted mad all afternoon/evening.
They gave me a great laugh this morning at the park. Nixie with her hair up attacking Traz and his stick. She really thinks a lot of herself, ha ha ha. Tonight she snapped at Traz to get the bone he was chewing on away from him, I guess she thought "I had a crappy day, I need that bone"! I made her return it to him, but like most of the time, Traz did nothing. He could not be nicer to Nixie. He is such a gentle giant.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nixie's favorite place

When Nixie was a puppy the only time I could get her to settle down was if I let her on the sofa. She would lay there by my feet happy as can be. I stopped letting her up there once she turned a year old or so (really Lance made me stop) but when she got sick one time a few months ago, back up she came. Now she spends evenings there, laying near my feet as we watch TV. I love the feeling of having her that close, being able to pet her anytime I want. Lance gave in and doesn't seem to mind it. When I bring them home at noon from work, she gets up in this spot on the sofa and I pat her head on my way out the door. She loves her afternoon nap time.
The other morning Lances said, I think my mind is slipping as I don't remember Sasha (our first GSD) to well anymore. As we talked I think he realized he still remembers all the times they shared, he just doesn't remember much about the day to day living with her. She was by far his favorite of all, but I think Nixie is a very close second. Nixie goes to the vet again tomorrow for the itching, I worry she has infection in some places so best to have it checked out before problems occur. This vet office is a tough one for me as I took Shadow there years ago. Lance had been taking Nixie, but is just busy this time of year. We will do fine as long as we do it together.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Leaves are starting to change

Nixie and Traz --The war over large stick, ha ha ha
Its always so sudden. One day you look at a tree and the leaves are gold and red. Nixie is still very itchy today. I called the vet for more prednisone last week as we're running low. The shots are suppose to help, but don't really seem too. Maybe it was the bee sting. It's hard to tell. She had a good day all the same. When she and Traz were playing in the park yesterday a young couple asked if they could take pictures of them. We of course said yes. The girl spoke in broken English, the boy didn't speak at all. I'm thinking they were German? anyway, Traz proceeded to chew up a large stick while the boy filmed him. Neither Nixie nor Traz really seemed to notice what was going on. My version of the dog wish "to ignore everything around you" What a gift that would be.
I just heard from my brother Jon, Whom I am so proud of the Joy I feel brings tears to my eyes. I love him more than I love myself.