Saturday, November 07, 2009

October came and went

It's fitting that October came and went without much notice on my part, it's been doing that, most years from the time my oldest brother unexpectedly passed away in October of 1989, in fact even saying October was impossible for many, many years. Strange how they say time heals all wounds, sometimes that saying is so true, and others, so false. I never recovered from Joel's death, life was just never the same for me. Much like it was for me when Shadow died. Maybe its the unexpected part, maybe its just the love loss part, who knows.
Dad finally recovered and is doing Ok. He's driving again and able to do all of his own stuff, so life is becoming more normal again.
The dogs were all sick with a parasite of some sort a couple of weeks ago, it was beyond bad. I hadn't ever had a dog that sick. We ended up following the vet's advice and gave them huge amounts of horse wormer (paste wormer) it worked and they were all back to normal in a week or so, of course my house, garage, office and car took a little longer to "be normal again" I sure wished I had fallen in love with a smaller breed of dog...!!!
The family picture above was taken the weekend before Dad went in for surgery, somehow Perry got Dad to smile, I love this picture of him, and us kids.
The hibiscus flower was a picture taken in Mexico, which we are going to in just over two weeks! We have not been on a real vacation in three years, just before we got Avery, so we're really looking forward to it. A week in paradise sounds awfully good right about now. Today I am thankful for everyone in my life being healthy, thankful for another mild winter day in Oregon so I can still walk the dogs and thankful for all of the people that help us with the dogs, to keep them well and take care of them while we rejuvenate.